Publishing Panel Extravaganza

Why a former Chicago Tribune “print” reporter turned into a Podcaster. How a young Southampton MA Creative Writing graduate moved to New York City and found work in publishing. And how a Canadian-turned-Welsh drew upon the history of Cardiff to write her latest novel.

These are some of the stories we’ll be hearing this Wednesday 11 May for our final Writers in Converstation of the academic year, hosted by writer and Southampton lecturer Carole Burns. We start 2 pm on the Avenue Campus, Lecture Theatre C.

We’ll start at 2 pm with a reading and conversation with Katie Munnik, whose newest novel, The Aerialists, was published by Borough Press in mid-April.

The Aerialists is ‘a heady and stylish read that swept me away…’

The Aerialists is based on the true story of Louisa Maud Evans, a fourteen-year old girl who died during the Great Exhibition in Cardiff, 1896, and whose demise – tumbling 8,000 feet into the Bristol Channel – captured the imagination of the city. (An exclusive excerpt from The Aerialists on ‘Unseen Histories’ can be found here.)

Then after a break, we’ll start up again about 3:15 for a panel with Munnik, the now podcaster Mark Caro (pictured above) and our own MA CW grad Abimael Ayala-Oquendo, to discuss their own paths into different areas of the publishing world.

As well as founding Caropop, Caro wrote The Foie Gras Wars and The Special Counsel: The Mueller Report Retold. He writes for The New York Times and Chicago magazine after a long Chicago Tribune career.

Ayala-Oquendo will talk about his beginnings in publishing in New York City, including his work in events at the Strand Bookstore, as well as his first publication, Airplanes.

Abi shares his stories with Carole last summer in the Big Apple

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